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Pi-Top Ceed with Asus Tinker Board (instead of a Raspberry Pi)

Asus have recently launched a product called the Tinker Board. It's supposedly a pin-compatible (but not software compatible) ARM based single-board computer.  Its header layout and dimensions are supposedly identical to those of a Raspberry Pi model 3b. 

The main benefits over the 3b are double the available RAM and approximately twice the CPU performance. 

I'm curious if anybody has tried to use this product with a Pi-Top or a Pi-Top Ceed? We'd expect that some of the software features which are part of the Pi-Top OS would be missing - from what I can tell this only supports an Asus specific port of Rasbian. But would the rest of it work?

If it were possible to boot the device and have sound and display working that might be good enough for quite a lot of use-cases. Perhaps the Pi-top specific software could be side-loaded via Apt (just like we can do with Raspbian). 


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