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How to mix Pi-Top Ceed and Google Artificial Intelligence kit (AIY)

 I am a happy owner of a couple of Pi-Top Ceeds, and I have just received the Artificial Intelligence kit sponsored by Google and included in the MagPi #57.

A combination of these two looks promising to me, but both items block the GPIO pins.

I have plugged in only the HDMI from the pi-top-ceed hub and it works, but then I need a separate power plug for the raspberry pi.

Any ideas?

P.S: I recorded a little video with a very first test:

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Hi Alfonso,

Thankyou for your post.

It is possible to power your raspberry pi from the second usb port on the pi-top hub using a usb to microusb adaptor.

This would save you requiring a second power source.

All the best with your project.


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