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Keybaord layout

Is there a way to change the keyboard layout? For example with some part available on eBay? I use Azerty keyboard :)


Looks like you can use xmodmap (which is already installed as part of x11-xserver-utils) to completely customize your keyboard (as long as you're using X.)

I just used this technique to make the left-shift and arrow keys work a little bit more like my Macbook:



# Make the up arrow key act as another left shift
xmodmap -e "keycode 111 = Shift_L" 
# disable autorepeat on new shift key
xset -r 111

# Make the left arrow key the new up arrow
xmodmap -e "keycode 113 = Up" 

# Make left control key the new left arrow
xmodmap -e "keycode 105 = Left" 
# enable autorepeat on new left key
xset r 105 


Any way to add a virtual keyboard. I have a bluetooth keyboard but no dongle for the pi and the cable that comes with it appears to be just for charging.



I'd like to point out the need for other than UK or US keyboard layouts. I personally would need a spanish layout. Will this be available, and if so, when?



No that doe not really help :)

Once again I speak of the physical keyboard layout. For example a way to buy a generic AZERTY keyboard on Internet that would be compatible with the Pi-Top and so that would replace it. UK or US keyboard are not really useful for French people, since there is no éèçàôö, etc. on it. German and Spanish people will have the same king of problems.

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You can change the keyboard type by entering "sudo raspi-config" in the terminal and searching for your keyboard layout. You can also change your country and other settings. If you have a WiFi keyboard / mouse combo like the Logitech K400r this will work if you insert the dongle in one of the USB ports. If you have a wired keyboard this should work as well, but its hardly portable then. Does this help?
Hi Bruce.

The problem is not the locale. Of course, the OS is available in French :) Problem is physical keyboard layout. Is there a way to change key positions and use, with vinyl stickers, or something like this? Or does the keyboard is something standard that we can find on eBay in an Azerty version? Or will there be an option to buy another keyboards directly from Pi-top (even if we need to pay more for this)?

Pi-top is interesting, but if we don't have easy access to éèçàùaëïöüâêîôû, it's absolutely no use for French users, as a keyboard without £ will be very little use for English users. Spanish users could say the same for ~ / ` and German users for some letters that my keyboard can't generate. We prefer to pay for this option than not to be able to use the Pi-top at all :)

Software locale is not so important. As many users, I use my OS in English.

You can choose between US and UK layouts on the launchpad.

A quick search shows that Raspian the operating system that pi-topOS is built upon, supports multiple locales, so have a look in the software. Off the top of my head, the command you probably need is:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

You may need to install the locale you want first.
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