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Pi-top Ceed Audio with Retropie

Hi everyone,

I've bought an Pi-top Ceed and it works like a charm on the original Software provided with the SD card, now I've flashed Retropie on a different SD card for use with the Ceed but the audio won't work.

I've already altered some settings within /boot/config,txt as mentioned in some google search results.

Can anyone help me?

What output do you use ?? The audio mini jack ?? Think you might have to specify / choose audio ; HDMI or analogue - can't have both !!
Im using the pi-top speaker which should work through hdmi passthrough but it only works with the pre configured pitop sd card every other OS like open elec, ubuntu and retropie refuse to work with the speaker, when i connect the same raspberry to tv, the audio works.

I installed Retropie on top of Pi-Top OS using the Terminal and after the installation, it works with conditions. I have to boot into the Pi-Top OS Desktop first, then I close it to the Command Line, then open Emulation Station and the sound works. Been playing foe a week now. Anyone know of an easier, cleaner way, I'm game.

To use Retropie with the latest pi-top software and hardware, see Sound, loudness adjustment, brightness adjustment and battery gauge for Retropie.
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