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Should I buy a pi-top?

Looks like lots of battery problems.

A look in the forum shows terrible support.

Seems like lots of issues with the CEED universe and lack of updates.

The company won't open source anything.

Am I missing anything here? Seems like a great idea, but bad execution.

Are there really this many problems?

Is it even worth buying?

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I recently purchased a pi-top for my nearly 7yo.  In my view, the "CEED universe" is the reason to buy the pi-top.  It has crashed a few times, and it seems that the game data was corrupt as starting again and saving into a different file/name has worked.  No crashes recently.  My 7yo is just older enough to understand the initial programming ideas, so I think it will be slow and steady.

The idea of combining the game with hardware construction is genius.  I wish there was a more active forum around the game though.  Even the "drag and drop" nature of the puzzles had us stumped until we watched a video...

All in all, happy with the purchase.
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