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Pi-Top Polaris OS log-in problem!

There is a problem for those of us who use one hand for signing-in, the caps-lock has been disabled for some strange reason - a matter of choice but one that as far as I know has not been announced? I realise there is no Capslock indicator either soft-ware or hard-ware. But after several very odd failures to sign in I finally tracked it down to the sudden disabling of the Capslock function on the keyboard during sign-in ( I had to type a single character in the alpha-numeric name field to see the fact of its removal! )

Unless I am wrong to say there has been no broadcast announcement, there will be many people whose password contains uppercase characters and who habitually use the caps-lock for whatever reason who will then apparently fail to log-in to their accounts. 

It is unfair that these people will lose some considerable work-time trying to put things right for themselves. Although being able to control such features is an interesting exercise, there are many other websites including the Pi-Top OS previous incarnation that still provides a 'make visible' togggle function and I think this is preferable since I believe I remain in control of the function and I can use it as and when it appears suitable?

I hope this helps?

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