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Pitop ceed screen turns off, Pi stays running


Im testing a project at the moment (its Adventure 9 from Adventures in Raspberry Pi) and Im seeing strange behaviour on my ceed.

When running the program, the screen will turn off. The Pi 3 is still running as I can ssh to it, but the screen wont turn back on until I turn off the ceed.

Im guessing the project is pretty power hungry, could this be power related, if the ceed runs low on power, is it normal behavior for it to turn off the screen?

I've tested the same pi on a standalone monitor and power supply and I dont see the same issue.

The project uses pull downs for the buttons, so I tested making them pull ups (in an attempt to reduce the power drain) and when I did so the issue went away - leading me to think this is a power issue.

Any thoughts?



You just power on pi-topCEED, go to desktop, and do nothing for a while. pi-topCEED screen does not respond, even pi-topOS is idle. pi-topDASHBOARD consumes too much resource.


Wait for minutes. pi-topCEED screen may wake up. Go to pi-top Dashboard (by clicking on pi-topDASHBOARD icon on the taskbar, or by pressing pi-topDASHBOARD key.) Then, go back to desktop. pi-topDASHBOARD will release resource.


Use "top" command in a terminal box to display resource situation. Press q key to quit.

I don't understand what you are trying to tell me. Are you trying to say that the screen goes into power saving? This is not the scenario I have at . I mean when I am stressing the Pi the screen shuts down, nothing will wake it up. I can go to the desktop, there is no desktop to go back to.
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