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Feedback in CEED Universe doesn't work - Crafting doesn't work

 The Feedback option in the CEED Universe game doesn't work. In the "email" field, it is impossible to backspace, so I can't delete the word "email" to replace it with my email address.

And Feedback CLOSES as soon as you start typing in the "Tell us what you think" field. Repeatedly.

It is nice that you came out with this update to Polaris OS, and made CEED Universe slightly better, but the "whole Pi-Top experience" still feels VERY half-baked. CEED Universe will run without crashing (most of the time) but the factory/crafting sections are buggy and apparently have incorrect instructions. I cannot make the Torch, no matter what I type into the recipe. It just shows "nothing made - try again". I am thinking you excluded some vital ingredient or piece of information, because nothing else makes sense.

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