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openelec and pi top speakers

 hi fellow pi top people

is there any one how nows how and to get openelec "kodi" to work whit pi top speakers ?

I've attempting doing this with LibreElec by modifying the script under ~/.config to execute Rene's pt-speaker script. The scripts worked after some modification, but resulted with no sound. I'm assuming there was an issue with Alsa or PulseAudio writing to smbus. If anyone has any information they'd like to share. As of now I've decided to utilize kodi over Raspbian OS.

Hello I have the same problem with the audio output in kodi. Is there already a solution?

Nothing new. Your best bet is to install Kodi overtop of Raspbian. It works nicely if you setup Kodi to autostart. If you're running a multiboot OS with PINN and the speakers are working on Raspbian you can save time by mirroring an image of your boot and raspbian partitions. Than updating the boot files to point to the new partitions.

Thank you ! So I will do well then.

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