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pt-hub-controller kodi bug

I have run across a peculiar but wit hte polarisOS's new pt-hub-controller package.

I use Kodi to watch tv with a networked tvtuner (hdhomerun connect).  as soon as I start the HDhomerun add-on in kodi,  the tv starts buffering, then plays fine for a few seconds.  then the screen dims all the way to black. it goes backt o full birghtness for a couple of seconds then dims to full black again.  it does this a couple of times, then the Pi-Top shuts itsefl off completely,  when  i restart, at boot there is a lightning bolt in the upper right corner for a couple of seconds. the pi-top starts up and the screen brightness is at 50% or so and the brightness canoot be changed manually easily. iif the keyboard controls respond it is just to brighten the screen to only 50% again.  if I am watching any video or playing a game (tested with Ltris), the display will dim randomly all the way to 0% for a couple seconds and then return to 50% brightness.  a reboot of the pi-top does not help. 

to fix the issue with the screen, I had to uninstall the pt-hub-controller and pt-os-dashboard packages, reboot and re install them then reboot a second time.  reinstalling thse packages also fixedcd the lighning bolt issue at boot.

to watch tv with the hdhomerun in kodi I had to uninstal the pt-hub-controller software.  Once i did that the HDhomerun addon in kodi worled as it was suppoed to. 

the bug seems to  corrupt the hub itself.  after another test with kodi and the hdhomerun,  not only would the sd card I I had been using not boot anymore,  by starting to load the polaris screen and then iimmediadetly proceed to shut down the hub without powering the entire system down. 

thus to power the entire system down I would have to hlold down the power button. subsequent reboots would not solve this,.  I would have to remove the gpio cable from the hub, boot up, uninstall the pt-hub-controller and pt-os-dashboard packages, reboot, and reinstall those two packages.

after removing the sd card from which I had tried to run kodi and the hdhomerun from, I placed in an sdcard that had a fresh install of polaris.  it was doing the same shutdown procedure as mentiond above.  I had to do the same fix and i hadn't even run kodi using this sdcard.

something gets bugged in the hub.  because using a fresh install of polaris on a different sd card doesn't fix the problem,  only pulling the gpio cable from the hub, and reinstalling the hub sofwarethen reconnecting the cable fixes the issue.

upaded info for my above post:

 I did get kodi to run without sound okay with the hub connected, via the gpio wire but when I tried to launch it using a connected bluetoth speaker  connected through a bluettooth dongle on usb is when the problem seemed to arrize with teh screen dimming and the system shutting down.  keep in mind that I don't use the p's intenral buetooth chip because it lags the audiowhen trying to use the wifi chip at the same time.

I set my cpu governor back to ondemand, and now ( with the gpio cable hooked to the hub) the pi-top's random screen  and shutdown issues are happening right after bootup.   I have a copper heatsink on the cpu  of the pi 3b.  If I remove the heatsink, the machine goes trhoughe the shutdown process before reaching the polaris OS boot screen.   no temp warning, just the lightning bolt for a few seconds at the screen directly after the rainbow splash screen.  like I said, if I leave the gpio wiwries disconnected from the hub all i get is the lightning bolt issue and the pi-top works okay (at least wit hteh governor set to powersave).

found more info.  look at topic :"rpi-update breaks pt-hub controller""

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