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Bricked my pi-topCEED and several mini computer boards?


I tried an ASUS Tinker Board in my pi-topCEED today, and now both seem to be broken. Any ideas what I can try?

The pi-topCEEDs display does light up its background illumination, but that's it. No splash screen, nothing.

The Raspberry Pi doesn't boot outside the pi-topCEED any more, either.

Do I likely need a replacement pi-topCEED hub mk1 board?

Correction  -  nothing was bricked! All boards work fine! I had mixed up the SD cards. The Tinker board cannot boot from a Raspberry Pi 3 SD card and vice versa.

I imagine it might be possible to make the Tinker board work in a pi-topCEED, but I'm not sure.

Have you managed to get the Board to work?

yes, it was a false alarm
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