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like a lot of other users that own a bluetooth mouse I have found that there is no Bluetooth interface for the pi-top and ceed but i have found a way to connect my mouse and keyboard the only problem is that on reboot it does not reconnect to my devices and i have to plug in a wired keyboard and mouse to open the terminal and type the commands and there is no Bluetooth interface so some people may have trouble setting it up

Hey Ian, It would be very nice if you could share the bluetooth file here! Thank you!

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on at least the most recent (Oct 5 2016) version of the Pi-Top OS, I have found you can setup Bluetooth simply by getting a terminal on the deskop and running:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install blueman

Confirm when prompted.

Once installed, go to Preferences -> Bluetooth Manager, and click "Search" (obviously, use a USB wired mouse or the Pi-Top's mousepad to click until your wireless mouse is setup, and make sure your wireless mouse is discoverable before starting the search). Hopefully after a few seconds your mouse will now show up in the "Bluetooth Devices" GUI panel - right click on it and select "Setup...".

Then (for most mice) select "Use Random Passkey", click "Next", and just move the (wireless) mouse when prompted to enter the generated passkey (check your mouse instructions here, it may require a particular PIN, like 0000, instead). Then, when prompted, opt to connect to "Input service" (the default), then click "Next". You'll probably be told that your mouse was added successfully, but failed to connect. Click "Close".

Now, right click on the mouse icon again and choose "Connect" - after which the wireless mouse should be able to move the cursor etc. Then, right click on the mouse icon a final time, and select "Trust". You should now find the mouse reconnects automatically on boot.

It's a similar story for keyboards, except there you will generally type the generated PIN on the keyboard (possibly followed by Enter) as part of the paring process.

hth, sakaki

Oops - just noticed that the most recent available version of the Pi-Top OS is actually Jul 25 2017 (not Oct 5 2016 as I said above), so it may be that the Bluetooth features are already supported in Pi-TopOS now (not sure as I use Gentoo on my Pi-Top day-to-day).

In case the 2017-07-25 release does not support Bluetooth, the above commands (sudo apt-get install blueman etc.) should still work though.


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