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Dashboard Question

After doing a string search here and reading the 7 or so returned results on the subject and finding no readily apparent solution short of re-flashing my SD card with Pi-Top OS, I would to ask a question.

How do I open/run the Pi-Top OS dashboard? When I first booted my CEED up it briefly opened the dashboard and then dumped out to the desktop. I have updated the OS and everything seems to work fine. I am preparing to build a couple of CEED's with my niece and nephew in  order to expose them to Linux, programming, and general electronics. I would very much like to have the features of the dashboard at my disposal when first exposing them to this world.

Any suggestions?


Ok so I realized that I was taking for granted that the SD cards that come in the Pi-Top CEED where "proper" builds. I got tired of waiting for an answer and took the advice of the previous post on the subject and just reloaded the image on my SD using etcher. Now it works right from the first boot. After checking my other two CEED sd's that I got for my niece and nephew both also needed to be re-imaged in order to work properly.

Same to me. The delivered sd card was working with the dashboard only one time. I never succeeded to restart the dashboard.

Updating led to a not working speaker, because pt-aliases could not be updated.

In the end I downloaded the new pitop-OS image (2017-04-28-pi-topOS.img) and rewrote the sd card. Now everything is working.

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I had the same issue. Changed out the SD card to something larger, imaged it using Etcher and all is well.

My sd card wouldn't even boot. My sd card was defective. I bought another one and it works for now.

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