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Unmount bateri

Does anyone know how to dismantle the steel plate to remove the battery

Dani, I do not like your idea at all. What do you think to achieve by executing such a dangerous action? Regards, Ivo


As I have one of the pi-top that does not charge the battery replace it or see if it is not spoiled by any component

I agree with Ivo,  dismantling the battery is not recommeded. 

The metal plate is not the battery but the protector that gives access to it
Dani, is your battery problem solved? Ivo.


Anyone knows how to open up the case and see the battery?
Nobody knows will have to prove to you that it leaves
How do you guys open up the case and change battery. Any photos to share?

 Marc, I do know how and what but I'm not qualified to tell you. Tell me what you try to achieve and maybe I can help you. Regards, Ivo.

Marc, is this what you were after?


The problem is that some component does not let you get the current to the batteriesr
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