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How to mix Pi-Top Ceed and Google Artificial Intelligence kit (AIY)

 I am a happy owner of a couple of Pi-Top Ceeds, and I have just received the Artificial Intelligence kit sponsored by Google and included in the MagPi #57.

A combination of these two looks promising to me, but both items block the GPIO pins.

I have plugged in only the HDMI from the pi-top-ceed hub and it works, but then I need a separate power plug for the raspberry pi.

Any ideas?

P.S: I recorded a little video with a very first test:

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Hi Alfonso,

Thankyou for your post.

It is possible to power your raspberry pi from the second usb port on the pi-top hub using a usb to microusb adaptor.

This would save you requiring a second power source.

All the best with your project.


I used the Mini Black Hat Hack3r from Pimoroni for $12. It duplicates the GPIO pins and works flawlessly with the Ceed. The cable connects from the Pi to the top row of the Mini Black Hat and the pitop cable connects to the bottom row. The AIY Voice Hat connects to the second row of pins. I used a standoff between the pi and a corner of the Mini Black Hat for Stability and another standoff to connect the microphone to the top of the Voice Hat. I cannot close the front this way, but I'm sure you can set it up differently if you want. The speaker rests in between the Hub and Pi and I didn't connect the LED button.
I just got my hands on a AIY Voice kit and installed it directly into my CEED setup. I am aiming to make this a Home Automation kit in combination with a Sunfounder RPi Sensor Kit to detect the readings inside the house and also tie the whole thing into my security system and camera server. I can't wait to show my progress! This is a dream combination. 
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