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Pi-top touchpad issue

 I'm having an issue with the border regions of the touchpad, whenever i slip between this regions it keeps opening the main menu on the desktop, or if im in a text editor y keeps writting a "d" or an "e", i have tried with 2 units right now and have the same issue

Tried so far:

- reconnecting usb terminal

- reconecting 4-wire terminal below the keyboard

I'd love if someone can help me with this issue,

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Hi, what model are your pi-tops? Rpi2, Rpi3? What ZLF number is on your Hubs? Ivo.


 Sorry for the delay, the hub number is ZLF4516, and I'm using Rpi3 on every unit

Hi, did you try to lower the sensitivity of the TrackPad in "Mouse and Keyboard Settings"? Mine is set at "Low" and even then I get jitter when the pi-top is used on my lap. Success. Regards, Ivo.


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