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Input voltage tolerances


I could not find any information about the Input voltage tolerances of the pi-top.

It only says 18V. the reason I ask is, I want to load the pi-top from a powerbank, which provides 20V. So would the pi-top be happy with 20V or do I need to convert it down to 18V?


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Hi Sven,
Free running one of my mains adaptors outputs 18.26 Volt DC.
The same adaptor outputs 18.24 Volt DC connected with my pi-top.
Running the pi-top while charging the battery pack, the pi-top gets very warm in certain areas.
Adding more power would increase the heath even more.
I would not go above 18 Volt DC.
Two other adaptors (I have 3 pi-top) run at 18.48/18.42 Volt DC and 18.51/18.49 Volt DC respectively.


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