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Kodi on Polaris

I am encountering serious bugs when running a fresh install of Kodi on a fresh install of Polaris. The install went fine ; I start Kodi and load some songs in the Music library. But it is impossible to play a song. Nothing happens in the player & no sound. I have set the audio config through Analog output, both in raspi-config and Kodi.

The when I quit Kodi, on exit button, the system freeze and I have to force shut down the RPi. 

Do you have an alternative to load a DLNA library on Polaris, whithout having to flash a SD card wit a client software. I want my daughter to keep Pi-Top OS.

Hi Simon,

Good to see you experimenting with your daughters pi-top.

I've raised a support ticket, and dropped you a reply.

You may be able to use the VLC library as a DLNA client as an alternative.

All the best,


Thanks for your help. VLC is installed on the Pi-Top. This good old VLC could be an alternative to Kodi as a DLNA, even it isn't the coolest interface on the world.

I'm runnng fine here with a polaris and kodi 17


there are instructions on the web for getting kodi 17 on raspbian.   

Good to know Kodi is working on your system. I can't solve the problem on my Pi-Top. I can load library both on local or through Upnp, for example. When I play a song, nothing happens. The song is "marked", but the player doesn't advance. Another strange event is that Kodi switch to black screen & freeze after 5 minutes. I have turn off/on the main power button restart the computer.

I am asking wether my Pi-Topceed or my Raspberry card has a problem. For example bluetooth is non-functional.

oka y look up how to install kodi 17 on raspbian. follow the instructions.   that will fix the exit issue and the sound issue.  As the version of kiodi in the raspbian repository is old. 

to fix the blank screen/ freeze issue when the screensaver trips go into the dashboard of the pi-top > Settings > Display- and disable the sccreen saver

as far at the bluetooth issue, 

sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth 

should get bluetooth functional.  howcer and this is a big However,  if you are using the wifi at the same time as bluetooth,  there will be lots of lag on the bluetooth.  to get around this, I use a USB bleutooth adapter and isntalled the blueman package.  using that adapter to play audio.

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