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Replacement parts

I have been trying for almost two months now to get a replacement for a charger that is buzzing, crackling and over heating. First got sent the wrong part, second shipment "lost" in transit, waiting to see if the third time gets it right. Based on this experience I would be very hesitant to buy another pi-top or recommend to others. What can be done to fix this? Can't even find the part online to purchase.

I may have this problem. I can't seem to get a pi-top ceed from ebay to boot and think the hub board may be bad or at least it's my main suspect. I submitted a ticket yesterday and have high hopes for a way forward other than returning it to the ebay seller.
According to email I received from pi-top support, replacement parts are only available under warranty. It was suggested I purchase a brand new pi-top ceed with one day shipping. Boo!
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