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Pi-Top overheating

My son and I built his Pi_Top this weekend and he is so excited BUT, after only about an hour on CEEDuniverse the overtemp icon started showing in the upper right corner of the screen. The the entire Pi-Top became sluggish (as the micro throttled back) and nearly unusable. Very disappointing.

I did some searching and found that this is not uncommon and several places suggested adding heatsinks and possibly a fan. Today I ordered a set of heatsinks and a 5v fan from Amazon but I am wondering why (since this seems to be a common issue) they were not included in the kit.

On another note, we set up a multi-boot SD card and he (my son) is able to boot into and run RetroPi, Raspbian and Kodi with no issues. I assume this is because the Pi-Top OS must overclock. Being a firmware and embedded electronics engineer for many years, I really wonder why this was not corrected before rolling out to the masses.

So, if there are any other suggestions other than what we are currently doing, I would certainly appreciate them.

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