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Ceed Universe Question

Once I get to the part where I have to make a factory to get to the next area i can't place a factory anywhere, do i need to put it somewhere in specific?

Do you have the materials? or is it the mine? if its the mine then place it on the brown and gold places. The mines need 1 energy source nd the factory needs two!

I have the materials, am i supposed to put the factory down somewhere in specific?
Yes. There a places inside the mine that are flattened areas with "minerals" (brown and gold) near the other resources. You have to place the factory on those special locations for it to work.

May I ask, are you running the latest release of Polaris OS (2017-07-25) and has it helped with the stability of CEED Universe? I stopped trying to play it back in March 2017 because it crashed a LOT. I've been waiting 6 months to hear from Pi-Top that they had finally fixed all the bugs. But I've never gotten any emails from them about it. I checked tonight, hoping to find things had finally gotten working.


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