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using 3vdc fan and RTC woith pi-top proto board

 I am running an RTC module on my pi-topProto board attached to the GPIO header pins ,1,3,5,7,9  (physical pin locations). 

now i would like to add a 3vdc fan to also be powered from the pi-topproto board,  I thought maybe could use breadboard wires to make the connection,.  But which of the holes do I plug into?  holes labeled 1 and 9 on the right of the board, or do I use one of the 3v3 labeled holes positioned just below the header?

I bought some parts to mount a 15mm 3vdc fan vertically on a heatsink attached to the cpu.  I'd like to be able to both use this little fan and the RTC module i have.  HOLIDAY

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