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Replacing raspberry pi

Can I replace my raspberry pi in my pi top and use a samsung dex station monitor? I'm just wondering because I see that for the pi top hub I can plug in a usb c in and a hdmi plug for the Samsung dex station.

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It will not work with the Samsung dex dock or the Samsung multimedie dock due to the fact that the screen has a max of 720p. I tried with an old Samsung galaxy note 4 + multimedie dock but I have not yet testet with My Samsung galaxy S3 + multimedia dock
Also it seems most users will not recommend using anything but a pi 3 inside... So really... It's just an expensive arm/pi3 based laptop with a non replaceble dodgy battery, subpar keyboard, subpar trackpad and without sound, no access to GPIO, no localized keyboard, no access to USB and no access to ethernet... Not what I imagined at purchase or at the units price level :(

I have access to GPIO using the  pi-top PROTO bparea. you can add sound with either a pi-top speaker or an external bluetooth speaker.  you  can access the usb and ethernet by sliding off the acryli cover.   but hte dodgy battery I agree with. 

I have done just that using a Pi-Top V2 to create a DeX laptop.

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