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Fried pi-top ceed

My son plugged a 22.5V supply into the ceed. Needless to say, it no longer boots! Is any of it likely to be recoverable from this? If so, how can I tell what's still working? If not, is there anything that can be usefully recycled by anyone? Thanks, Matthew
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Matthew, That really sucks and I'm sorry it happened. The screen may be good and with the right knowledge and a scope I'm sure someone can pinpoint what fried and get it fixed up with new parts. Maybe take it to an electronics repair shop and see what they find. Chances are it will be something close to the power section of the ceed board. Perhaps it's something that acts like a solid state fuse and it's an easy fix = cheap. I am NOT an ET so I really don't know exactly what I speak of. I am only speculating. I hate to see you give up so easily when it might be a simple problem to fix.


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