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Pin configuration of pi-topProto

Hi all,

I got my pi-top CEED today — and thankfully it came with the PROTO board and a nice printed label naming the pins (see photo below).

Now, I assume that the label is meant to go over the GPIO pins (see other image), at last it matches nicely. However, (to me) the question remains, what the top left pin actually is: According to the label it could either be pin 39 (GND) or pin 2 (5V PWR).

Where can I find some documentation that explains which on it is. In the end, mixing up the 5V power with ground can destroy stuff…

Any help?

Cheers Stephan

(1.07 MB)
(1.31 MB)

The 40 pin connector on the top of the PROTO board copies exactly the 40 pins of the Raspberry Pi, including the orientation. On the left side is pin 1 (below) and pin 2 (above).

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Cool, Thanks!

Good to know...but is there a complete pin description for the PROTO BOARD available? I do not know what "3V3P" and "PWR" means. - "3V3P": Is there a difference to "3V3"? - PWR: Is this the main power from battery?
3.3P means 3.3V persistent. The voltage is available on the laptop even if it is turned off.
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