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Ceed Universe Crafting Drill

I can't get this to work.  There is no recipe for the Al-Air Battery and so I have not crafted one and I think that may be the problem.  I have found the Al-Air Battery Vault but it did not have a recipe.

any help?

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I have the recipe but the ingredient list is blank when viewed in the factory.. (it literally has nothing in it.)

That is what I have also Ben.  Without the battery I don't think we can craft a drill. 

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Anyone, Anyone, , , Bueller?

Same here :)


Anyone get this fixed?

STILL waiting, sad frowning face.

So is there no way to get past this? I am having the same problem.

This just in from Pi-top.

Rick Hatt



Showed up for me... Just needed 10 Carbon and 30 Aluminium at 600K

for i in range(30):

    if i < 10:



for i in range(300):


I can't get it to work, maybe someone else can, it gives me a Python error.  One thing I noticed is mix.heat() is not the command from other crafting projects.  In other recipes, they used mix.add_heat which causes CeedUniverst to crash and close.  The search continues.

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