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Raspbian Stretch power settings after pt-speaker install

I have been trying to get my screen to stay on and had it working until I installed pt-speaker. Does the package install change some power setting during install. I disabled some dpms settings but there seems to be something else.

Funny part is I can ssh into the Pi and run brightness 10 and it holds the setting and keeps the screen on....until next reboot.

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Hi Jeff,

Yes, the latest pt-speaker package installs and makes use of the pi-top device manager, which handles all the pi-top hardware and accessories. Documentation is at On pi-topOS, you do not have to install anything, so I assume that you are using Raspbian and my software at

While the stuff at pi-top-install still works, it should not be used anymore together with the device manager and has been deprecated. Look at to see how one should now use Raspbian.

To be on the safe side, I would burn a new SD card, update to the latest version, enable ssh and then install just pt-speaker. Do you get the problem? If yes, look at the bottom of the description in Device Management on the pi-top github page (link above) and use journalctl as described there to see whether you get a relevant error message. Or you can even stop the device manager and start it in a console window (if you want even with more elaborate messages). If you want, you can post any relevant output (as attachments) here and I will help you to find your problem. I am very interested to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Thanks, Rene

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