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Pi Top Raspian Lite for Headless application


I'm using the pi top to develop an audio application. once the program is ready i want to run it without all unnecessary features to act as the brains of a hardware grid interface ill be using.

Its been suggested to me that I try raspbian lite first so its just the bash terminal to work with. Can I run raspbian lte with my pi top hardware ? or does pi top only work with all the different graphics?

Many thanks


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Yes, you should be able to do that. As long as you do not use a pi-topSPEAKER or pi-topPULSE for the sound, you can use plain Raspbian lite. If you are using a pi-top with battery, just make sure that you turn off the power after having shut down the raspberry pi. Shutting down the raspberry pi with the power button will not work. You will also not be able to adjust the screen brightness.
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