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Can you use Pi-Top as a everyday laptop

I am looking into purchasing the Pi-Top for a cross between coding activities to learn new languages and a general use laptop for word processing. Can it be used for everyday tasks and will you be able to save data to the Pi-Top and have it be saved if i turn it off? 

Has anyone ever after they built it just never used it again or did they put it through the daily routines of a normal laptop. 

Also I am a 28 year, and i know this is geared more towards kids, is it a waste of money for me to get or does it pose a challenge for older users as well?

Thanks for your input,


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There are 2 versions of pi-top available.

The old version is cheaper in price now.

( google on modmypi )

When you buy one: keep in mind that there is no sound without the use of external speakers on the phone jacked or a headphone on the phone jacket.

For internal sound in your pi-top you can buy this speakers ( 1, 2 OR 3 ).

My pi-top v2 with Raspberry pi 2 board works better than a toshiba NB200 notebook with 1,6GHz processor on board.

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