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How to get sound with the pi-top v2 ?

I have the pi-top v2 ( release date 13 oktober 2017 ) but i have no sound, even with 2 pi-top speakers mk1 no succes. I have found on github that i need pi top speakers version 2. I have searched on the internet but are they exist? If yes: where can i buy the correct speakers? Thank you for the support.

Not seen the speakers anywhere but the PiTop Pulse works as a speaker (among other things) on the PiTop v2.

Yes, but what about stereo sound? Two regular working pi-top speakers ( version 2.0 ) can give stereo sound.

The documentation at does not mention the possibility to use two rev 2 speakers to give stereo sound. I would check with support before buying 2 rev 2 speakers.

Is there a possibility to use one rev 2 speaker with two rev 1 speakers connected in a chain to get sound on 3 devices?

No, the documentation is at If you have any suggestion on how to improve the documentation there, you can open an issue there. On the pi-top rev 2, you can either plug in one pi-topSPEAKER rev 2, or one pi-topPULSE with speaker. I have even written a little tool (pt-devices) which you can find in the tools section of that repository to see what devices the pi-top device management software recognizes at any given time. Only on the pi-topCEED or the pi-top rev 1 you can connect 2 pi-topSPEAKER rev one in stereo mode. The way the pi-top software talks to the speaker and the speaker hardware on the hub boards are very different between the pi-top rev 2 and the earlier models.

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