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Black screen but works after reconnecting screen connector

I bought two new Pi-Tops and the first one works fine.

Second shows black screen after booting, but pi seems to work (leds blinking). I've tested all connectors and accidentally I unplugged the little screen connector (between hub and screen): Display works fine. Rebooting: Fine. Turning off: Black screen again, after reconnecting the screen connector same as before (works).

I use a Raspberry Pi 3 and the standard Pi OS.

What can I do? Broken hardware?


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i had the same problem. write a mail to the support.
in my case, i`m waiting for a new hub now....
with the new hub everything should be fine


Thank you, Georg. I've done this. What do you mean, how long will it take to get the spare part? Walter

HI Walter / Georg

I have the same issue, i have had a replacement hub but this still has the issue. Did your new hus fix your issue?



hi Jamie,
I also got my replacement already, but I didn't replaced it for now.
But I will answer if its done

nice greetings!


I got my replacement yesterday, built in today and all works fine. I am very happy.
A problem could be the tiny screen connector. I tried to reconnect it several times before (didn't know the boerd is defekt), so the spring is a little bit loosy. Thinking about securing it with a little blob of hot glue.
Hope they solve your problem soon.



I also got my 2nd replacement and now the screen is working without having to remove the screen ribon cable each time it is power down.

Many thanks



i also built in my new hub. everything works great now

On power-on I see the LED scree backlight but got only a black screen without graphics.
The Pi3 works fine; all connections are okay.
Any ideas?
Has anyone experience to test the hub or the pi-top display separatly.

Many thanks - Ted


I have the very same issue with my Pi-Top v1 and I hope support can fix it by sending a replacement part.

(Having to unplug/replug the screen ribbon cable after each power-on is no solution and will probably sooner or later break the cable or the socket / bracket...)

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