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Does anyone every get replacement part for defected item?

I am waiting for my replacement part from Sep 2017 and still haven't received it as end of Nov. Pi-Top Support team just postpone my expected delivered date...

Is there any channel I can escalate this issue?... as the Tickets system seems not so much helpful... They even told me that if I want to refund, I will have to pay for delivery cost, in which I think it is not OK because I never received working product. I cannot understand why I have to pay for delivering cost in case of they just sent me defected product..

Apart from this, having the item not usable for like 3 months, who will be responsible for Battery discharged a long time that it may have memory effect problem?

I did receive replacements for two pi-tops that had problems. One had a charging problem and the other did not show anything on the screen.

So yes. Also, reading on the forums here, experiences with support seem mostly positive.

Opening a ticket worked for me, anyway.

Hi Thie,

   It's good to know that people is really getting replacement part delivered.

May I as you more info? How long does it take to get replacement part?

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