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Al-Air Battery receipt is blank!!

We collected the receipt for the Al-Air battery but it is completelly blank, so we cannot drill. Also, the "solution" button provides a blank answer.

I see that others had this problem one month ago. How we can deal with this???

I have the same problem....can we fix this?

Same for me. Is there a way to get past it?

I found a way to work around the problem by modifying the executable with a hex editor. NOTE: BEFORE TRYING THIS, MAKE A BACKUP OF THE ORIGINAL /opt/feed-universe/CEEDUniverse FILE IN CASE SOMETHING GOES WRONG. I first had to install hexedit (sudo apt-get install hexedit). If you have question about how hexedit works, try man hexedit to read the manual. Next, I used hexedit to search though the binary /opt/ceed-universe/CEEDUniverse file. Using the search function in hexedit, I told it to search for the ascii string: . tag that followed it. Next, use arrows keys to go down a few lines to the [“Al-Air Battery”, section. Put the cursor on the “ right before the A and press space bar up to but NOT OVER the “ before the word Motor”. Now save the file. This removes the requirement to have an Al-air battery to craft the drill. Now, you can craft it with only a motor and drill bit. After doing it, run the game and give it a whirl. If you made a mistake, simply recopy your backup CEEDUniverse file over the modified one and start the process over.
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