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I just got my PiTop V2 and am completely new to the pi. I'm generally pleased and excited to get started. However, I love the SenseHat, but can't see a way to connect it. Does it not work with PiTop? I've fitted the Proto+ board, which should give access to the pins. But both the Proto+ and SenseHat have male pin connectors. So unless I'm missing something there's no way to do it?

The best way is to do it with a pi-topPROTO board (not plus). It has the male connector, and some area for soldering.

I haven't tried to use the SenseHat.

Thanks. Seems odd the new board doesn't allow it but I suppose the Proto isn't expensive

I think the female connector of the proto+ makes sense for inexperienced students working with the breadboard, because it reduces the chance of accidentally producing a short. I have a few original proto boards for more serious tinkering. I bought them at my local Raspberry Pi store in Switzerland. I don't know whether pi-top intends to keep offering them.

I used the Sense-Hat, works fine with the PI-TOP PROTO board. (Pi-Top V2).

Looking at I see a female connector

That should match up with the male pins on the pi-top proto

Do your parts look different?

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