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Scratch is unusable, system seems slow

Haven't used Scratch on the Pi before so maybe it's expected. But the scripts are unusably slow. CPU and memory use only hit halfway, but sprites are barely responsive so it's impossible to play or test a game. Is this a Pi thing in general or a PiTop thing? I've used Python alongside Chrome using the Pi on its own and it was all very snappy and didn't lag. Chrome is also frustrating on my PiTop.
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Performance is often an issue on the Raspberry Pi because of the low amount of memory. Pi-topOS is optimized to work best with the pi-top apps. You have a number of options available to improve performance:

1. Change the memory split between cpu and gpu. The gpu memory is set to 256 on pi-topOS. If you reduce it to 128, you will give the cpu more memory, but some programs making very extensive use of the gpu might just fail.

2. Run pi-topOS without the dashboard, which uses a significant amount of cpu time and memory. Open a terminal and type:

sudo systemctl disable pt-splashscreen

sudo leafpad /home/pi/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

Put a # in front of the line calling pt-os-dashboard. Then shutdown and reboot your pi-top.

You can always start the dashboard again opening a terminal and typing:


3. Use standard Raspbian Stretch on a separate SD card for critical apps. This is my preferred option. Stretch has the latest Chrome which runs a bit better. For instructions, see

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