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Operating systems i found that work great with pi-top

Been playing around with other operating systems and how they act with pi-tophere is a list of what I got running fine or with minimal issues. Pi-topOS duh Raspian Ubuntu core Ubuntu mate lukeOS arm edition (my own distro) Android 7.1.2 Dietpi So far most of these above with the exception of pi-topOS have one slight issue where the touch pad gets spittle wacky at times but everything else works great. Next gonna start testing other boards. So far rpi2 and 3 work and piZeroW also working but gonna see how non pi boards work.

Hi total PI noob here. I wanted to know if there's any way to change the os on the same card. Would I need a different SD card to switch os's? Also how do you bridge compatability with an arduino? I've downloaded the ARM ide but when clicking on the icon the ide won't open

Ubuntu Mate sorta works with my Pi-Top 2. AbiWord gets a weird flicker whenever it's got text on the screen (and only within its own window), there's no battery support, and it hangs on poweroff instead of actually shutting down.

My guess is those will be fixed with 18.04, since there's not a whole lot of point trying to do a backport release in the two months or so before 18.04's release.

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