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Pi-TopCeed issues

Hi All, 

Zo many challenges so I just throw them in the group.

I am fairly new to programming and so in Raspberry PI but was advice to go for a PI-TOP, the Ceed was the one in my budget range.

I received my PI-TopCeed, assembely was no issue, got a PI3 and a Pi-topproto in it and the software that came with it. booting was okay but encountering some issue's mainly with logging in, it wont work, it tells me there was a problem "server not responding" 

I also downloaded the new Polaris from the website, and tried to boot with it. 

Booting is very slow, very slow.

Also it freezes often have to wait very long before there is respons, I managed to login, but that is all because now it only boots in to a empty desktop.

Yes internet is working.

Still have the old original software and now it boots normal, but again can't log in (yes internet is working)

Anybody that can help me advice me?


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