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External devices(CAN...) over SPI with CE0 at PiTop or CEED

Does anybody have reached communication to an external device like CAN-BUS-module or display shield over SPI with CE0 at PiTop(v1 or CEED)? I'm struggling such a long time with a CAN bus shield and not able to make it working with my PiTop. In a Raspi-stand alone environment without PiTop its working without any problems - will find CAN0 as it should. It seems that the PiTop HUB will hold some SPI pins and does not hand over control to the Raspi. I've tried with a plain Raspian installation without any PiTop drivers/software, but in the PiTop system it will never detect CAN0. As I've understood the HUB is controlling brightnes and power switch over SPI with CE1. Possibly this will cause the conflict to SPI with CE0, but Loosing brightness or power switch control is not a problem to me as long as I'll get communication to the CAN-BUS shield with my PiTop.. Please share your experience if available.... Thanks!
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