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Pi-Top V2 screen randomly turns off

I used my new Pi-Tops with a class for the first time today, however there was an issue where one Pi-Top's screen would randomly turn off, every now and then. When I hold the power button and wait for all LEDs to turn off, and press power again, the screen will turn on again.

Any ideas what could be the issue??

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Again, today in another lesson, the same Pi-Top screen keeps turning on and off. I think might be the cable connecting the screen to the base. ANy ideas of what I can do?

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for getting in contact with us.

Could you please get in direct contact with us by emailing

After you email us we will do everything we can to provide you with a response with 24 hours Stuart.

Thank you.

The heat-sink of Raspberry Pi Board of my pi-topCEED found overheating and finally screen blanked. I replaced the RaspberryPi Board with an older version available. Now the PC mode works perfectly, but pitopCODER application does not run. 

My pi-top V2 keeps going blank as well. Makes it very unproductive! It's like there's a short somewhere. Also it's a V2 but there's an upside down "V1" sticker on the screen. Any ideas why this is happening. Don't think it's overheating as it happens even within first 5 mins of use for the day.

I narrowed the problem with mine down to static.  When I am on my couch and I pull my pi-top V2 towards me on the couch the screen will go blank.  Every time.  Now that I know what causes it I can avoid it from happening but it's a real bummer that the device is so fragile.  I hope a solution can be found.  Static resistant washers or something?

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