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Creating an ideal laptop based on the Pi-top v2

Hi all,

Does anyone think the following would be possible using the parts from the pitop v2?

Project to create an ideal laptop based on Pi-top v2

1. Remove the screen, battery, pi3, trackpad, heatsink/fan unit.

2. 3D print a new enclosure/chassis that is deep enough to accept a 60% mechanical keyboard in the rear area-- approximately 1.5 inches deep. These keyboards are far better than chiclet keyboards or even Thinkpad keyboards and weigh about 1 pound (0.5 kg), less if removed from their shell. Example:

3. Install the pi, heatsink/fan, battery in the front and attach the screen to the rear.

4. Put the trackpad on a 'tray' that covers the front space, which also attaches via hinges.

Now you have a new (thick) laptop that has a keyboard that's worth typing on, the Rpi's USBs face the front, and access to the Rpi would be via the liftable 3D-printed tray on which the trackpad is mounted.

Items set side: chiclet keyboard, lower part of original green enclosure, perhaps the rails.


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