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Mousepad and battery issues

One of my high school students has been using the Pi-top for project work.  One evening the machine was working fine, but on the next evening the mousepad no longer responded. The keyboard works okay, as do the two buttons below the pad, but the pad itself is completely unresponsive.  A USB mouse plugged in to one of the other ports is working okay.

How can I get the pad working again?

While I was working on the pad problem I discovered that the  Pi-top battery is not charging.  Even while connected to mains, there is only 2.94 volts at the 16.8V test point.

I have downloaded and run pt-battery-fw-update, but that seems to have no effect:


pi@pi-top:~ $ sudo ./pt-battery-fw-update
-*-*- Pi-Top Battery Firmware Updater v1.0 -*-*-
Connecting to battery via hub controller... Device detected.Connecting... Successful connection to battery. 
Diagnosing possible issues...Diagnostics complete.
Performing update...Update complete.
Resetting...Reset complete.
Tidying up... Done!
Update successful. Exiting...


I have attempted to download pt-battery-fw-update_v2 but that gives me a 403 error.


pi@pi-top:~ $ wget
--2018-03-08 14:19:28--
Resolving (
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden
2018-03-08 14:19:30 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

 How can I get the battery to charge?

I have tried installing a fresh download of the OS, but that has had no effect.

Is my Pi-top scrap now, or can it be made to work again?

I had been considering purchasing a Pi-top 2, but this experience has discouraged me.

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I want to report that, following a message to Pi-top support, replacement upper and lower case assemblies have been shipped to me, in Philippines, totally free of charge.  My Pi-top is now fully functional once again.
I commend Pi-top on their excellent support - my confidence is restored!


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