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How does the Pi Top detect a Pi is connected? Can I trick it?


I have the Pi-Top v2.

I want to play about with the possibility of having the screen and keyboard working without a PI installed. Version 1 was able to do this from what I can read, but it looks like version 2 requires a Pi to be fully installed before it will turn on, I just see a blinking red light when I try to turn it on without the Pi being installed.

I'm trying to figure out a way to 'trick' the Pi-Top into turning on without the Pi installed. I'm somewhat out of my depth here. I've tried partially wiring up another Pi through the proto board to see if that would somehow trick it and I'd have a starting point. Unfortunately I've not had any success and I'm more than a little nervous about breaking something.

Can this be done? I have some neat ideas that I want to try out, but I don't want the Pi itself to actually be installed.


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