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Pi-Top OS (4/10/2018) Broken?

Hi, Is anyone else having this problem? I'm updating my pi-top CEED (v1) to the latest pi-top os dated 4/10/2018 and I'm getting error messages or the pi is locking up. I made it to the pi-top dashboard but I click on anything and get xml error (see attachment 1). I plugged in my pulse and the pi-top auto recognized it. I got the sound working but on reboot it hangs with broken instructions (see attachment 2) Help! Hans

I'm formating the micro-sd card before flashing the OS to see if that makes a difference.


I was able to use a different sd card with raspbian Jessie loaded on it and the pi-top works so I think this rules out a hardware issue
Note to self: use the correct release date for the OS it's 4/3/2018 and not 4/10/2018. This is really weird. I have two pi-top CEEDs: a gray and green loaded with rasp pi 3 b's. I couldn't get the gray one to load the pi-top OS however the green one installed it this morning with no problem. FML. Contacted pi-top support via email and we're working through their suggested trouble shooting steps - confirming my sd cards aren't corrupted . . .
Please help our new pi top OS that we got at tech camp last week... Had a functioning dashboard and chrome... On the last day neither would load... How can we fix this problem.
Ms. Amy, I'd recommend submitting a support ticket. It doesn't look like pi-top has mods on these forums. Hans
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