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View battery statues on Raspbian Lite

I wanted to know if anyone has managed to find a way to view the pi top

battery status while running raspbian lite? 

Many Thanks

Yes, look at Raspian Lite is handled there too

I've followed the instructions...when I run:


nothing is displayed it pause for a moment and goes back to the command prompt?

Have you started pt-device-manager as describd in the instructions? If you are using a version 1 pi-top, is spi and i2c enabled? If you have a version 2 pi-top, is spi enabled? There is also a python program pt-devices in the tools folder of the github repo. If you run that python program, does it recognize your pi-top?

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well i've enabled i2c and spi and also ran pt-devices

which recognises that:

Host device is pi-top v1

at one point it said 

Host device is pi-topCEED 

which was odd.....

but I now suddenly have a decktop? kinda

when I rebooted after type the commands and mouse appeared and now i have what I presume is a raspbian default background and a small terminal window in the top left which makes things difficult as there certainly arnt any other apps and I've accidently hidden the menu bar so i can't change the size. What on earth happend? 

whats the terminal Im now in?

pt-battery does get results however

i installed Pure data to experiment with a program which uses GUI. I notices I can't change the size of the window of the that either ?

Apparently the i2c and SPI enabled should be irrelevant. Would anyone know what i've installed here to suddenly have a desktop?

You should not have a desktop in Raspbian Lite. I have not seen this happening when starting with a fresh version of the latest Raspbian Lite and installing the pi-top device manager. Anyway, you should be able to use „sudo raspi-config“ to set your system to boot to CLI (command line interface). If pt-devices identifies your laptop sometimes as a pi-topCEED, this means that the connection to the battery using i2c is not very reliable. The pi-top device manager differentiates between a pi-top laptop version 1 and a pi-topCEED by trying to access the battery.

Thing is its a good benefit so i would rather keep it, its just no clear whats occured?

i'm not getting a responce from pt-battery recently.

when I use pt-devices is get

Devices and peripherals handled by pt-device-manager

OS release: 4.14.62-v7+

Unknown host device

whats does this mean?

This means that the pi-top device manager cannot even talk to the hub. Usually this is caused by spi being turned of or by a bad connector/wire.

spi is definately enabled. im running i3wm on the raspberry pi 2 model B v1. i3wm is a recent download actiing as my desktop would this have made a difference?

on reinstall in noticed that sudo apt-get install pt-device-manager installs lightdm and pt-desktop which would have been the change i saw earlier I guess

i loaded a new image onto the sd card but now when I turn on the pi its just opens a log in screen and I enter the passward it goes dark for a second and reloads the log in screen!

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