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View battery statues on Raspbian Lite

I wanted to know if anyone has managed to find a way to view the pi top

battery status while running raspbian lite? 

Many Thanks

I'd also thought i post exactly what I did. After loading a new raspbian lite image i enterd the following in the order written down

sudo apt-get update

  sudo apt-get upgrade

  sudo apt-get install pt-device-manager


sudo raspi-config to enable the spi

and finally:

sudo systemctl start pt-device-manager

but i still got:

Devices and peripherals handled by pt-device-manager

OS release: 4.14.62-v7+

Unknown host device

when I ran pt-devices straight after that.

So i rebooted and it took me to what I assume is the lightdm logging screen and just looped there each time I entered the user password and log ing.

So i've actually had to reinstall the image again.


I have made some tests and can actually confirm your observations. I was able to resolve the issue as follows:

Right after installing pt-device-manager and before rebooting the pi-top, I used 'sudo raspi-config' to set the boot options again to the console. This resolved the issue of booting onto a desktop. This is a temporary fix, because I believe that pt-device-manager should not install any desktop. I have reported this to the pi-top software team and have updated my instructions for running Raspbian Stretch on the pi-top accordingly.

Regarding pt-devices not being able anymore to recognize your pi-top version 1, I cannot make any tests. It works properly on my pi-top version 2. My guess is that your problem is a flaky connection to the battery pack, or a failing battery pack. What I recommend is that you download and install the latest release of pi-topOS. If this does not properly recognize your hardware, you can contact pi-top support for help.

I've got round to installing The pi Top OS and I can get a battery reading that way for now...

If anything develops could you perhaps post it on here? Im still hoping to use raspbian lite as the polaris operating system uses too much memory for what I need.

Many thanks,


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