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Concerned about Pitop Replacement Parts and LTS.

I am a Mechanical Engineer, but also does quite a bit of electronic hardware development and programming as I do have many needs for it in the mechanical field.

It is with great interest that I am viewing the Pitop which came under my attention recently.

Although this unit is aimed primarily at education, the fact that it is modular and allows addition of custom build electronics, makes the Pitop a very attractive solution as specialised mobile technical support tool.

The environment I have in mind for the use, is rather harsh, and damage to the laptop both in terms of the enclosure, but also the electronics is quite possible.

However, I am quite concerned about the fact that replacement parts are not readily available for the Pitop and from what I have read on other threads where users needed parts, it seems that product support leaves much to be desired.

Now lets be frank The Pitop is by far not the cheapest laptop on the market. Very affordable yes but there are things half the price - and those types are pretty much disposable. The Pitop is quite robust.

A major advantage of the Pitop is that it is fully repairable and even from an educational point of view I do believe this should be fully supported.

So, now one gets this awesome little computer that allows you to get to any part easily, but you cannot buy batteries, a screen, the specific Pitop PCB's etc.

Does this mean it is yet another product that will have to hit the bin if any component other than the Pi-3 goes bang simply because the mother company is not interested to sell parts?

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