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Backing up your save-game files.

Since creed-universe has a tendency to be a bit buggy, it is a good idea to frequently backup your save game directory. Make a directory to story your backups: mkdir ceedbackups Next, we need to copy the files. Since they are root-owned, you need to do this with super-user privileges. The sudo -s command will get you there. The copy command is: cp -rv /home/pi/.CEEDUniverse/savegames /home/pi/ceedbackups/back1 Change the destination name back1 to a new name each time (like back2, back3, etc). If you ever need to restore from backup, you can exit the game, copy from your ceedbackups folder to the savegames folder, and reload the game. For example: sudo -s cp -rv /home/pi/ceedbackups/back3 /home/pi/.CEEDUniverse/savegames
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