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Installing Rock64 on pi-top


I just bought a pi-top and wondering if Rcok64 can run in the pi-top.

I was not able to run pi-top os Polaris on Rock64,

I can run Rock64 with Armbian in pi-top but battery and keyboard is inaccessible.

Is there another os or a way to build another os to accommodate Rock64 ?



That board only has one USB where the case has two plugs so I suspect you either get the keyboard or the trackpad depending on which is connected to the lower USB port. To access the battery level and other features you will need to port over the python code they use on Raspbian. I’m working on that (slowly) with a Libre Computer Le Potato (Amlogic S905) running Armbian. I’d recommend moving to a board that has the 2 USB ports in the right place. I’ve tried the Le Potato and Tinkerboard and both have Keyboard and Trackpad.

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Hi David,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have never modified python code for raspbian but resources available in the github should

help with the task.



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