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Pi-top v1 Hub issues?

 Hello all!

So I have this interesting issue that has recently started to happen on my Pi-top 1 (the 1080p screen model?)

Anyway - what started to happen was that every time I pressed the brightness button, it would have either set the brightness to absolute maximum or absolute minimum, and even sometimes send a shutdown signal to the hub/pi; all via SPI.

Now if I have the raspberry pi connected via header cable to the pi-top hub, it will refuse to boot (or so it seems) the screen is completely blank.  It's not until I remove the cable and reboot the pi-top when I am able to get into the OS.

I tested this on two raspberry pi units using the latest Raspbian.  It started happening just a few days ago on an older distribution of Raspbian.

I sent in a support ticket, but I'd like to reach out to the community to see what I could debug to see what's going on here? Is the firmware on the hub hosed or something?

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I was able to resolve the issue by running the battery down to 0% and letting the pi-top laptop sit overnight without any power (to ensure that the hub was completely discharged).  Once I began charging the unit again, the the pi-top hub functioned normally.

For some reason the pi-top's SPI controller remains active even when the computer is powered down, which kept it in its error state up until it lost complete power.

might be a good design to keep the entire board shut down for the exception of the power management (to monitor power on and off states).  There's no reason for everything else to be kept in some sort of active or semi-active state?

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