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First !

Sorry for this... Just testing the forum, as I had some issues connecting to it.

I am still waiting for my pi-top, it should arrive very soon (hopefully).

Has your Pi- Top arrived yet? Mine arrived late November and took about an hour to build. I spent a few minutes on this site prior to building to learn from others experiences. My build went very smoothly as a result and started first time. My only problem so far is a malfunctioning "Enter" key necessitating a replacement. Keyboard issues seem the main build issue and can be overcome temporarily. I love the screen. One of the best I've seen and battery life is exceptional also.

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Yes, it arrived Nov 23. I assembled it and it works fine (i.e. as intended...). Since then I've not worked much on it, I had higher priorities. I suppose I will look at it again during holidays.


I've just upgraded my Kermit (jolly green Pi-Top) to a Raspberry Pi 3. It's much faster and so far doesn't seem to chew up battery power to any substantial degree. My RPi-3 is made in China (I live in Western Australia) and plugged right in same as the RPi-2. I found I needed to install pi-topOS Jessie to get things working correctly. Downloading Pi-TopOS took forever as it is around 7GB or twice the size of Raspbian. Probably due to Pi-Tops enhancements including CEED Universe. My initial startup was rough as the screen wasn't updating correctly. It kept showing two half screens at 50% resolution: like it was having difficulty with working out the scanning frequency. A couple of reboots got things more stable; long enough to perform a " sudo apt-get update" followed by "sudo apt-get upgrade". Then the Dashboard advised there was yet another update and I proceeded to install that. Now the on-board Wi-Fi and battery monitor function and the screen mostly behaves. I say mostly, because a couple of days ago the double image recurred. I rebooted Kermit and it hasn't happened again. I also found out that Pi-TopOS Jessie demands 256 MB for video where the previous version was happy with 128 MB. I hope there is a new RPi-4 or RPi3+ coming out soon with 2GB RAM as that is about all that's required to give us a great NetBook/ChromeBook/Surface competitor at a very reasonable price. As long as Raspberry Pi Foundation stay with this form factor they have a winner. Has anyone tried installing a Banana Pi into a Pi-Top? What experiences have you to share?

Yes the pi-top / CEED plays very nicely with RPi3 and you can overclock it for further speed gains without any 'hurt' !! What is needed though is a refinement in pi-topOS and in particular the Dashboard !! I love the idea and concept behind the dashboard - particularly for younger users / beginners but is buggy as hell at the moment and too memory hungry. I have tried in parallel to run/test the KANO-OS on a a Pi3 and as a similar concept but a bit more polished - it chews processing power like mad. It's worth noting that Kano STILL names their OS as beta - looking forward to stable versions of both Kano and pi-topOS. 

There is a fabulous piece of programming available together with a script file or two available from a clever person on Yootoob that doubles the RAM on your Pi-Top. I have struggled with the Pi-Top and Chromium bee of low memory problems. This solution has revolutionised the performance of my Pi-Top! Another useful app is curiously called fromMy, but it displays all sorts of internal info on the state of the machine including the loading on each of the 4 cores of the CPU. Message me for a link to this creative resource and look forward to a super performance laptop as a result!
Warning! The heat build up from running the RPi3 with either the Pi-Top or the Feed case cover closed, even with heatsinks and without considering overcooking or running graphics or videos is most likely to shorten the life of your RPi3 unless you consider adding active cooling in conjunction with reasonable heatsinks. You have been warmed! I found some smart micro fans that connect to the GPIO pins and my RPi3 is running at around 40 degrees Centigrade. Much better!

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Thank you Ivo for your caring :) I accidentally disconnected the keyboard cable for the machine, as shown on attached photo, and am wondering how to connect it back.
(1.37 MB)
Marc, is this what you were after? Ivo.


lol i cant even see it

Hi there,

I found this video from one of our resellers online, If you fast forward to 5:35 you can see how the maker connects the keyboard cable to the back of the keyboard.


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